Online Evaluations

The word “telehealth” refers to the use of online technologies to support remote mental health services. Most often it involves the use of video and phone-based sessions.
The online (“telehealth”) neuropsychological evaluation process is very similar to the in-office experience. Your assessment will be conducted via Microsoft Teams online by a trained neuropsychologist, and will assess the same areas of functioning as a “live” evaluation.
For more information, please see our Neuropsychological Evaluations page.
Reasons for choosing video services:
  • Safety concerns: No need to expose yourself to additional risks of illness. 
  • Time management: No need to drive to our office which saves you time and money. 
  • Accessibility: If you have trouble getting to us, are too far away, are short on time, or lack the means to come to us, we can do your evaluation via video conferencing.
Benefits of telehealth:
  • Increased access
  • Greater convenience
  • Reduced costs
  • Same level of client care
  • Great client experience
  • Confidential and secure

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