Dr Jean Hall

About Dr. Jean Hall

My great passion is the promotion of healing for people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience, dealing with challenging life circumstances, or struggling with emotional turmoil. 

I help my clients, who include children, adults and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as resilient, competent, whole and safe.

My Therapy Specialties Include:


My approach to individual therapy is multi-faceted and entirely customized to your needs. I see patients ranging from ages 6-100+.


I see couples in all stages of their relationship. I use researched, effective, and evidence-based strategies to help you understand and respond to one another's needs.


Unable to come into the office for therapy? No problem! I provide telehealth services via Microsoft Teams to patients who feel that online therapy is right for them.


Every family has ups and downs and goes through good and not-so-good phases. Sometimes, you need help to get your family back on track. I am here to help your family out of the cycles that are causing stress and tension and help you develop patterns that make you feel better and more at peace.


I provide a variety of developmental, psychological, and behavioral health services for children and teenagers ages 6-18. With a focus on care coordination and emphasis on the "whole child", I provide integrated care to help each person reach their highest potential.

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