About Dr. Kat Ritter

I am a clinical neuropsychologist with over 10 years of experience in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. I obtained my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of TN and completed additional training at the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center, with a focus in neuropsychology. I have since worked in private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist.

My approach to care is patient-focused. Kindness, compassion, respect, professionalism, clarity, and comprehensiveness are central facets of my clinical practice. I take the entire person into account, including medical, social, emotional, and cognitive factors.

I offer consultation, diagnostic evaluations, treatment planning, education, recommendations, and support for you and your family. My reports are complete and thorough and provide your treatment team with all of the necessary information to help you become your optimal self.

My areas of expertise are diverse. I see patients from ages 2 up, for a variety of psychological and medical conditions.

My Specialties Include:


I specialize in a variety of evaluations spanning all life stages. I see patients ages 18+ for neuropsychological, psychological, pre-surgery, ADHD/Learning Disability, and High Stakes evaluations.

Cognitive Rehab

Cognitive Rehabilitation focuses on restoring cognitive abilities and providing training in how to compensate for thinking problems following a neurological event or traumatic brain injury.


I have expertise in evaluating many different types of disorders. More information on the most common disorders can be found by clicking the button below.

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